Visual Performance Management

Visual Performance Management

What gets measured, gets done!

There may be nothing new in this dictum but it is absolutely true.

With this truism firmly in mind, FlexMedical Solutions have partnered with Modus Scotland to develop Modus Visual Performance Management.

Modus VPM is a highly capable production monitoring system that enables producers to gain complete control of their manufacturing operations by monitoring, gathering and reporting key information in real-time.
FlexMedical Solutions will work with your organisation to clearly map your manufacturing processes and determine the information to be collected, computed and reported (manually or automatically). Utilisation of existing or new displays (TV’s, monitors, Smartboards) will allow you to share your performance company wide – from backdoor to boardroom – but perhaps
most importantly, in the production environment.

Some Of The Key Benefits


Modus Scotland are a successful developer of both off the shelf and bespoke software solutions and have worked hand in hand with scores of high profile public and private sector organisations including global blue chip manufacturers.
Coupled with FlexMedical’s experience in highly regulated, world class manufacturing environments, the collaboration has produced a product that will appeal not only to medical device and life science companies but to all production organisations seeking to create a truly visual factory.

Modus VPM – Key Functionality


  • Multiple input possibilities:
  • Manually via keyboard, tablet, scan (barcode)
  • Automatic via full machine interface or RFID
  • Server storage: On site or cloud hosting
  • Output displays: TV, Smartboard, Tablets, Smartphone

Planning Module

  • Plan activities over desired horizon
  • Build in planned maintenance and setup requirements

Batch Controls

  • Trend batch to batch and within batch performance
  • Material traceability
  • Operator / technician information
  • Record non-conformance or out of trend information

Asset / WIP Tracking

  • WIP tracking capability
  • Real time cost calculations

Time Gate

  • Control time constrained process steps
  • Automatic alerts if limits breached or at risk

Process Configuration

  • Create new process flows easily


  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Display real time performance, anywhere, anytime.
  • Produce historic reports


  • Reduces paperwork requirements and opportunity for errors
  • Restricts access to non-trained persons

Compliments LEAN Six Sigma Initiatives

Modus VPM provides an affordable alternative to costly Manufacturing Execution Systems.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.