Customer Bulletin 23rd March 2020

Mar 23, 2020 | NEWS

Communication in Response to Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

FlexMedical Solutions

As a responsible employer and supplier, FlexMedical Solutions (FMS) continues to monitor the Covid-19 outbreak closely. As the virus spreads and the government continues to tighten measures to limit infection levels, the likelihood of business interruption increases.

As such, starting Tuesday 24th March 2020, FMS is implementing a 2 shift pattern. These teams will not come into direct contact with one and other for the remainder of the crisis.

This decision has been taken in order to: –

  • Protect our employees and their families
  • Ensure FMS continues to operate efficiently
  • Maximise our ability to meet customer demand

We remain entirely committed to meeting your requirements – particularly as some of you are actively working on COVID-19 diagnostic solutions.

IMPORTANT: Until further notice, no FMS staff are permitted to travel or enter the premises of our customers or suppliers. Similarly, no visitors will be permitted onsite. No exceptions given.

We appreciate your understanding and support.
Thank You
Kevin Fallon, CEO
FlexMedical Solutions Limited

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