The guys are very knowledgeable and supportive, they have helped us through each stage and succeeded in getting it right first time which was very important to us. We enjoy working with FlexMedical and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

A dental Diagnostics developer

There are few companies that do exactly what FlexMedical Solutions do. In our opinion, we think there aren’t any other companies in the UK that would provide the same amount of service and attention that Flex do.

A London based Point of Care Diagnostics company

FlexMedical Solutions are easy to work with, providing a high level of expertise whilst always thinking ahead and willing to give anything a go. They understood the processes involved with early stage development and anticipated the challenges that we were going to face.

A Point of Care platform developer

FlexMedical Solutions are a friendly, open and responsive company with a fantastic ability to listen and tune into what you need for your product. I can’t say there is much more Flex could have done for us… apart from produce miracles.

A NextGen Bioassay company

We find the expertise and experience that the FlexMedical team possess to be their biggest asset and is what makes them a fantastic company to work with. When it comes down to quality, Flex are the best.

A leading Nano-technology consultancy firm

FlexMedical Solutions have a wide range of high-end equipment for design, development and manufacture. They have numerous techniques that can be used to make sensors to an excellent and professional standard.

The University of Strathclyde

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