The Strive for Excellence Continues at FlexMedical Solutions

Jun 11, 2024 | NEWS

FlexMedical Solutions (FMS) are proud to present our latest group of Green Belt Certified employees. Four individuals, across the Science, Engineering, and Manufacturing functions enthusiastically participated in Six Sigma Green Belt training, tailored to Flex by Aspire Highland.

Green Belt Certified

Mike O’Connell (left) with his latest successful students (l-r), Mark Fulton, Lily Rose Confield, Victoria Thomson, and Saifur Rahman, Green Belt Certified.

Mike O’Connell from Aspire gave an engaging company-wide presentation on the benefits of the six sigma yellow, green, and black-belt methodologies, before handing over to our four successful Green Belts.

After they were presented with their certification, each hosted a poster Q&A session centered around their projects. Saifur, Victoria, Mark and Lily spoke passionately about their projects, sharing the business benefits of each, and answering questions both of a technical nature, and about the personal benefits they took from the Green Belt training journey.

Recently Green Belt Certified team poster talks

Recently Green Belt Certified team poster talks

The latest presentation means that 65% of the Manufacturing, Science, and Engineering team have been put through six sigma training between yellow and green belt. Flex is fully committed to driving excellence through investment in our people, ensuring we are at the forefront of delivering a healthier tomorrow alongside our clients.

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